• Are you ready to start enjoying your summers from the comfort of your backyard oasis? Dave Munson Construction provides custom swimming pool installation in Decatur Illinois so that you and your family can enjoy a tropical paradise at home. Since 1965 we have committed our business to providing superior custom swimming pools, pool maintenance, and pool supplies for our community. We specialize in the installation of custom in-ground swimming pools and above-ground swimming pools, making sure that we have a solution for everyone’s budget! Contact Dave Munson Construction today and receive a free estimate on creating your backyard retreat.

  • Custom In-Ground Swimming Pools

    When it comes to a swimming pool for your home, you can’t go wrong with an inground pool. They are the gold standard and offer the most aesthetic appeal. Dave Munson Construction is here to guide you through the journey of a custom in-ground swimming pool. Our team of professionals provides recommendations on features and equipment to help capture your personality and style of décor. Whether you are looking for an inground pool with a hot tub or featuring a lazy river, our team is committed to bringing your dreams to reality.

    Dave Munson Construction provides free estimates on all our services, personal consultations to ensure we capture your vision with our builders, and a 3-D reality view of your new swimming pool. For the last 40 years, our swimming pool contractors have been delivering unique in-ground pool designs, providing each customer with satisfaction.

  • Above-Ground Swimming Pools

    While in-ground pools are beautiful and luxurious, they aren’t your only option when it comes to outdoor relaxation during the summer season. If you are in the market for a more budget-friendly option, Dave Munson Construction provides above-ground pool installation and repair.

    Taking Care of Your Swimming Pool

    Swimming pools, regardless if they are in-ground or above-ground, are a significant investment for any homeowner. And like any significant investment, it is best to keep it protected. Conducting routine maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your swimming pool and dramatically cut costs of repairs. Dave Munson Construction is the one-stop-shop for your swimming pool needs. In addition to pool construction, we provide in-season and out-of-season pool maintenance that includes water testing, opening for summer, closing for winter, equipment repairs, pool chemicals, and pool liner replacement. For more information about how our swimming pool experts can help you, contact us today!

  • Opening Your Pool for Summer

    If you are a pool owner, the spring season tends to get very exciting. After months of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, you can get back to your days of relaxing under the sun next to the comfort of your swimming pool. Get ready for a warm and peaceful season of relaxation and suntanning. However, before that first plunge, you must take necessary measures to ensure your swimming pool is ready for the summer. If you want to let the professionals at Dave Munson Construction prepare your pool for the summer swimming season, call us and ask about our pool opening service!

    Please note that Dave Munson Constructions pool opening service does not include chemical treatment. If you wish to have your water tested, bring in a water sample and we will inspect it and offer our professional feedback!

  • Winterizing Your Pool

    Winter is coming. And your swimming pool needs to be prepared. Closing your pool and getting ready for the winter can be overwhelming for new pool owners. The way you close your pool directly affects the effort into opening your pool the following season. If you want to leave it to the professionals, contact Dave Munson Construction. We make sure that your pool is balanced correctly and we store your pool equipment to keep it protected from freezing and breaking. Dave Munson Constructions winterizing service includes:

    • Skim/remove all leaves and debris from your pool
    • Vacuum
    • Backwash your filter system
    • Adjust water to appropriate levels
    • Test water and treat, if necessary
    • Drain pump and heater
    • Remove and store equipment (ladders, handrails, etc.)
    • Install a winter cover
  • Pool Covers & Pool Liners

    In addition to pool chemicals and water treatment solutions, Dave Munson Construction also carries pool accessories and supplies, including pool covers and liners.

    • Pool Chemicals
    • Mesh Pool Covers
    • Automatic Pool Covers
    • Vinyl Pool Liners